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2018-19 Corinthians Home Shirt White

Prior to unveiling of new Corinthians home shirt, they have played several football games of the new Brasileiro Série A season in last year’s kits. But some believes new away kit is well worth waiting for. In a football game against Argentina, the predominately white home football shirt appears in the football game for the first time. But, some may curious about the design of new away football shirt. It’s said that marble effect design is new to 18-19 European season.

The brand new Corinthians football kit odes great democracy of Corinthian. And, legendary midfielder Sócrates, as explanation by by Luís Paulo Rosenberg, “In the era of Sócrates, all footballers showed true DNA of the football club, no matter on and off football pitches, such as passion, unity and collectivity.

The predominately white home jersey features a one-button collar, and words “Eu sou Corinthians” means “I am Corinthians”. In the same place of marble-like black and grey away shirt, words “Não para de lunar” means “Never stop fighting”.

We could find related videos and pics of the presentation of the new kit on the social media of Timão. The highlight in design concept of Corinthians home shirt and other related products lies in a starring same goal. For realization of the goal, men and women, and young and old. It is the factor that the campaign is named after “Todos por um”.

As a football team having won last national title and the last two regional titles, the team have accomplished a football game against Independiente in the brand new home football kit, which is totally clear white as previous shirts, grouping with black shorts. Similar to other football shirts, black Nick Swoosh is stitched to right chest; across the black Nike logo, an anchor and two red rowings crossed with the anchor are stitched to the left chest. An interesting gem on the reverse of home shirt is absolutely a big crest, which nods to the great Corinthian democracy. In memory of the legendary midfielder Socrates, a sculpture showing respects to the symbols of the club was inaugurated prior to the football game, outside the stadium.

The home football shirt is extremely similar to the previous home jersey; while the design of away shirt is a surprise for a host of football fans. The reason rests on a mixed color scheme, featuring black and grey accents. Some distinctive factors could be summarized as follows:

One-button placket

Base collar: white

Red and black crest

White and black tape on back collar

Red and black words on solid white back

Raglan sleeves

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2018-19 Everton Home Football Shirt Blue

Brand new Everton home kit was unveiled in Go On, which is a campaign held for celebration of the club. The predominately Everton football shirt is popular with many die-hard football fans. Evolution of the shirt could be seen in many changes of the football shirt. For instance, classic Umbro diamond pattern around sleeves add previous spirit into an exciting modern design.

The brand new kit will be put on by footballers of the Blues in a football game against Southampton on Sunday. New football kits were unveiled through a video and images. The video also illustrates constant progresses in the whole footballing history of club Everton. It locates in an energetic city while always looking to the future.

Viewing from new football kits of club Everton, there is a close connection in the design of Everton’s kit. In the past fifteen months, Umbro spares no efforts to collect ideas from countless football fans, further understanding their preferences on color, collar and other design. Thousands of football fans have participated in the activity, and those collected ideas and innovative concept have been applied to away and third jerseys.

A majority of Everton’s fans prefer a traditional design scheme of the home kit. It is the factor that the new football kits feature some classic elements of previous home kits. The new kit incorporates those suggestions from fans; white Umbro taping on two short sleeves, nodding to the classic shirt in the 1970s.

In addition, two-button placket could be found on the shirt, adding modern touch to the brand new blue home kit. Significance of Prince Rupert’s Tower is also been talked by people. The Tower is printed on the back collar for its importance in the special region. To optimize its general effects in hearts of numerous die-hard football fans, a special textured marl fabric is used to engineer the predominately blue home jersey; high-performance mesh panels are also integrated into the unique design. Different with other football clubs, player-version shirts are same as those for football fans, showing close connection between the two groups of people.

Some distinctive characteristics of new home stripes are as follows:

Two-button placket

White collar

Diamond pattern on two sleeves

Words “Angry Birds” on left sleeve

White logo “Sport Pesa” in the center of front

White Tower on back collar

The blue home shirt group with white shorts and socks. The new clean white shorts features some blue accents. This classic color scheme also have referred to suggestions from enthusiastic football fans after survey. In addition, Ergonomic panels and elasticated fabrics also contribute to the comfort of the new kit. White socks feature an extra layer cotton foot bed, improving comfort and symbolic color scheme sought after by many Evertonians.

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2018-19 Borussia Dortmund Home Football Shirt Yellow

Prior to a home football game of Bundesliga season against Mainz at Iduna Park, Puma and Borussia Dortmund unveiled their new football kits for all footballers of the club. Following its traditional classic yellow base color, the new Borussia Dortmund football kits are endowed with a new motto – “The Pulse of Dortmund”, displaying its special relations with the city and football fans. Pulse referred in the motto comes the chest of all football players.

In the new design of the kit, it features a modern V-shaped neckline, adding some modern touch to the new football kits. Raglan sleeves is printed in black, which are substantially different with the color of chest, attracting more attentions when persons watching it. The back of the predominately yellow shirt is adorned with “BVB” and “Dortmund”.

We would like to introduce the new football kit carefully. Before detail introduction about the new football kit, let’s look at some distinctive characteristics:

Base color: yellow

Purple Evonik logo in the center

Black Puma cat

BVB crest

Raglan sleeves

Looped short sleeves

Round neckline

It’s a great honor for all die-hard football fans to put on the Borussia Dortmund football kits in the whole 2018-19 season when watching all fixtures of the football club. In order to add modern meaning to the new football kit, a subtle pattern in the shape of a pulse beat is printed in the center of front. The pulse beat is the critical reason for more modernized design scheme. Besides the pulse beat, there are also some other accents on the garment, forming substantial contrast against previous football kits of Borussia Dortmund. Similar to previous football shirt, the black Puma cat and BVB crest are woven onto right and left chest respectively.

Under these two accents, the Evonik logo is printed in the center of front in purple. Two short sleeves features both black and yellow details. Two short sleeves feature black loops at the end of them. In addition, the classic Puma cat is printed on two short sleeves in yellow. On the back of the new home football shirt, the back is finished with exquisite printed words.

For the purpose of providing more comfortable football kits to footballers and football fans, advanced DryCELL technology is used in the procession of specific fabric woven the shirt. For the sake of Puma’s DryCELL technology, the special fabric could control excessive moisture on the surface of your skin. Moisture control fabric will discharge excessive perspiration out of your garments, and perspiration could be evaporated in short time, leaving you cool and dry.

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