Chapecoense Shirt 2018

Chapecoense, full name Associação Chapecoense de Futebol, is reknowned as Chapecoense. The Brazilian football club locates in  Chapecó, Santa Catarina. In 1973, the football club is founded, and won the state championship in 1977. Up to now, the club has won the state title six times.

In 1978, the comparative small club was promoted to the first division of Brazil and Serie A. The club also played football matches in futsal, a state champion two times. There is bad news on 28 November 2016. An appalling air crash occurred when their charted plane approached José María Córdova International Airport. It is an international airport in the vicinity of Medellín, Colombia. At that time, they were intending to play the first match of the 2016 Copa Sudamericana final.

Except for six footballers, 77 passengers died from the serious air crash. Only three footballers of the club has survived their injuries. After the air crash, one proposed an application, hoping the trophy could be awarded to Chapecoense. For the sake of a partnership, the club have to change their name to Associação Chapecoense Kindermann/Mastervet.

In 2006, the football club changed the name back to Associação Chapecoense de Futebol, becoming a laureate of the Copa Santa Catarina. In 2007, the club won the state championship for the third time. Although winning qualifications to compete in the Brazilian Championship Third Level, the club was phased out in the first stage of the competition.

So on to the Chapecoense Shirt. Some obvious characteristics are as follows:

Green base colour

Subtle “ACF” pattern on the front

Horizontal subtle stripes

White stripes on short sleeves

Umbro logo

“ACF” emblem

V-shaped neckline

Raglan sleeves

White strip on rear collar

100% polyester

“45” on lower right corner in white

Similar to previous home shirts, the 2018 Chapecoense home football Shirt is predominant green, featuring some white detailing. The most obvious white detailing lie in chest. White Umbro logo and rounded ACF crest are embroidered to the right chest and the left chest, sitting on subtle horizontal pattern on the front. ACF is the acronym of the football club. In other words, such designs also show homage to its cultural.

Two solid green short sleeves are finished with two wide stripes. In addition to improve comfort as much as possible, raglan sleeves are woven to the shirt, which allow footballers or spectators running freely on and off pitches. The number “45” is printed on the lower right corner. Both “45” and ACF crest are printed into the liner of rear back.

The whole back is all green, except for “umbro” on rear back. All those white detailing forming substantial differences with the green base colour. In addition, also tries to provide high quality products for customers as much as possible. Before shipping goods, we will scissor unnecessary threads and verify whether there are defects on them.

Besides efforts in quality, we also dedicate to sell all products at lower prices than similar stores. So we cut many unnecessary costs to lower prices, such as shipping goods from manufacturer directly and reduce storage links. In general, customers will come back and place orders again for our high quality.


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