2018-19 Borussia Dortmund Home Football Shirt Yellow

Prior to a home football game of Bundesliga season against Mainz at Iduna Park, Puma and Borussia Dortmund unveiled their new football kits for all footballers of the club. Following its traditional classic yellow base color, the new Borussia Dortmund football kits are endowed with a new motto – “The Pulse of Dortmund”, displaying its special relations with the city and football fans. Pulse referred in the motto comes the chest of all football players.

In the new design of the kit, it features a modern V-shaped neckline, adding some modern touch to the new football kits. Raglan sleeves is printed in black, which are substantially different with the color of chest, attracting more attentions when persons watching it. The back of the predominately yellow shirt is adorned with “BVB” and “Dortmund”.

We would like to introduce the new football kit carefully. Before detail introduction about the new football kit, let’s look at some distinctive characteristics:

Base color: yellow

Purple Evonik logo in the center

Black Puma cat

BVB crest

Raglan sleeves

Looped short sleeves

Round neckline

It’s a great honor for all die-hard football fans to put on the Borussia Dortmund football kits in the whole 2018-19 season when watching all fixtures of the football club. In order to add modern meaning to the new football kit, a subtle pattern in the shape of a pulse beat is printed in the center of front. The pulse beat is the critical reason for more modernized design scheme. Besides the pulse beat, there are also some other accents on the garment, forming substantial contrast against previous football kits of Borussia Dortmund. Similar to previous football shirt, the black Puma cat and BVB crest are woven onto right and left chest respectively.

Under these two accents, the Evonik logo is printed in the center of front in purple. Two short sleeves features both black and yellow details. Two short sleeves feature black loops at the end of them. In addition, the classic Puma cat is printed on two short sleeves in yellow. On the back of the new home football shirt, the back is finished with exquisite printed words.

For the purpose of providing more comfortable football kits to footballers and football fans, advanced DryCELL technology is used in the procession of specific fabric woven the shirt. For the sake of Puma’s DryCELL technology, the special fabric could control excessive moisture on the surface of your skin. Moisture control fabric will discharge excessive perspiration out of your garments, and perspiration could be evaporated in short time, leaving you cool and dry.

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