Precautions while using amber teething necklace

Amber teething necklace is not a new concept to caring mothers. It a natural healing necklace basically worn by babies in teething age to ease the pain and discomfort they go through in the process of growing a new tooth from a tiny soft gum. Baltic amber (A best known kind of amber) teething necklaces are made from fossilized amber resins, which in they were used by pre historic trees to avoid any infection or injury and boosting immunity.

As the main subject to wearing these Baltic amber teething necklaces are babies, a quite measure of danger is always involved. You make the baby wear it for healing and soothing pain, and he/she might end up putting it in mouth for chewing and easing pain his/her own way, and that is just one possibility. So with amber teething necklaces some steps should always be taken to ensure your baby is safe with these on him/her.

The very first concern which comes to mind is obviously choking hazard, as mentioned earlier in teething age the babies have a huge tendency of putting about everything they find in their mouth. They get hungry, they chew, they get irritated, they chew, they get sleepy, they chew!! So what would be better to pull off and chew than some pretty little beads right on their own neck? But a sensible parent knows this and takes a wise step beforehand. This wise step would be to have a necklace which is of the minimum length possible, just about the neck size of baby. So it’s not easy for them to just grab and put it in their mouth.

Second concern would be: what if the baby breaks the necklace and has endless beads around him. Chewing party!!! Not with a concerned parent around. To tackle this problem you should make sure the necklace you have is knotted tightly and has an unbreakable thread. Moreover there should be knots in between beads so if in any case it does break, it doesn’t lead to a handful of beads.

A third concern would be of strangulation. But the risk of strangulation usually increases when two babies are put together, as only one baby won’t do it, babies don’t have suicidal tendencies you know. To avoid this you only have on option, to watch the babies carefully.

Lastly even after taking all precautions you should not let your baby sleep or nap with amber teething necklaces on them. A habit to take them off and putting them back on when baby is awake should be made.


Difference Between A Phlebotomist And Medical Assistant

phlebotomyHealth care organizations require supporting staffs to perform various tasks. The category of supporting staff includes both phlebotomists as well as medical assistants. However, there is no other similarity between them.

The first question to be answered is what is a phlebotomist? To be very concise, phlebotomists are laboratory staffs who perform blood tests for patients and take the required blood using various techniques. On the other hand, a medical assistant assists during various administrative and clinical tasks in healthcare. They can have an expertise in the administration or clinical area.

Actual Difference

The next difference between a phlebotomist and medical assistant is in their job prospects. Phlebotomy jobs are available in all hospital laboratories, in both the government and private hospitals. Even medical laboratories, research institutes and diagnostic centers require the services of a phlebotomist. A medical assistant is an inevitable part of a health care organization and has many jobs available.

They can manage office work of a health care organization by becoming a Medical Office Assistant. They can also choose to become Clinical medical assistants or Administrative assistants depending on their interest to assist physicians or involve in administrative aspects such as billing, record maintenance, etc. In a concise manner, medical assistants take care of the peripheral work so that doctors can carry out their tasks smoothly and effectively.

 Technicalities in the jobblood analysis

The next difference lies in how to become a phlebotomist. To become a phlebotomist, a bachelor’s degree with an expertise in Medical Lab Technology is sufficient whereas becoming a medical assistant requires a degree in Medical Assistance or a one year certification course in Medical Assistance. The other major difference is that Phlebotomy is a specialization by itself and hence, a phlebotomist draws lesser diverse job offers than a medical assistant.

A Phlebotomist has a very technical job. He has to draw blood which can be used for testing, research purposes, donation, transfusion, etc. In short, he has to work with blood all the times. The phlebotomy field is experiencing a high level of growth and this trend is only expected to increase.

In the end, it all comes down to what a person really wants to do. There are clear differences between being a phlebotomist and a medical assistant. The main reason for choosing between these two lies purely on individual interest and capabilities as neither of them are bad choices. It is up to an individual to excel in them.

Dental Health

Clear Braces or Invisalign – What Is Better According To Dentists?

The utilization of invisalign ensures an effective methodology for the movement of tooth which is not very complex. A combination of concise, trays made by computer is perfectly worn while changing them after 2 weeks. Some of the trays can last for half of the year to one whole year. But, they need a little bit of retaining to avoid the shifting of teeth back.The trays being somewhat invisible is one of the major benefit. This is why the name suggests invisalign.

A few of the people do not wish to let anybody to know they are wearing any braces. Also, they provide assistance for those who want to have perfect and aligned teeth while remaining in their comfort zone and in their particular situations. By wearing invisalign they feel more comfortable as it does not impact their speech. The treatment of invisalign is expected to work more effectively for esthetic needs instead of the need of enhancing the working of teeth. This is the reason why a number of people particularly the ones who have complicated dental issues, still priorities braces.

Clear Braces

There are a number of benefits associated with braces. They feature brackets which move along a thin wire. Any of the skilled or professional dentist has the duty of fixing these braces on the teeth of the patient. The brackets as well as the wires that which are the part to make braces are fixed against the teeth of the patient. This provides them support against little movements which can assist in the proper alignment as well as the straightening of the teeth.

The braces can also correct the very complex problems related to teeth alignment. The dental braces made this way are not just visually pleasing but they are functional too. They have advantages in closing the gaps and in fixing the crooked teeth. It is also believed that dental braces are proved to be better for complicated situations. There are a some reasons as to why a patient should prefer braces compared to invisalign.

Braces are majorly made of the color metal or the resin brackets. They are linked to the front appearance of the teeth. They come also with a thin but strong wire which moves along them and keeps all in place. One of the benefits of the braces over invisalign proved that they cannot be removed. Also, braces help in healing complex issues. Here at we offer the best service in Coral Gables, for any question contact us today for free.



Barbiturates Dependence – Sedative Hypnotic Class

Barbiturates are sedative-hypnotic class of drugs that are known to cause dependence pretty easy and fast. Because of their strong addiction potential, in medical practice the barbiturates have been replaced by benzodiazepines, especially in treating conditions like insomnia and anxiety.

Anyway, benzodiazepines are still used to treat cluster headaches, epilepsy, acute migraines and for general anesthesia. Where euthanasia or assisted suicide is legal they are often used.

Anyway, the side effects of barbiturates and benzodiazepines are pretty similar. Both types of drugs can induce euphoria, relaxations, dizziness, sedation and a sense of wellbeing. Both are effective in treating insomnia, panic and anxiety. And both have a high risk of developing dependency especially when used for more than 4 weeks. Unlike benzodiazepines barbiturates add the experience of lowered inhibitions for the person taking them.

When it comes to overdoes things are a bit more complicated with barbiturates developing more dangerous symptoms such as breathing an respiratory problems, slurring and inability to walk.

It seems that barbiturates are more likely to develop dependence and it happens faster. Anyway, when combined with alcohol or in high overdoses both types of substances might lead to respiratory suppression, coma or death.

Barbiturates  pills

Most known brand names of barbiturates are Nembutal, Amytal and Seconal. Though the barbiturates are replaced by benzodiazepines to reduce the risk of dependency they are still sold on black market for recreational purposes.

People who become addicted to barbiturates usually start using them by prescription and for a good reason. Other people who might become addicted to barbiturates include friends or family members of those who were prescribed barbiturates. As a result of barbiturates dependence people might experience problems at school, work or home and it might interfere with their social life.

There are barbiturates that are short-acting or long-acting. And the effect of barbiturates can last for a few minutes or up to a day. When overdosed, barbiturates can cause symptoms similar to those of being drunk. Irritability, memory loss and changes in alertness are pretty common when barbiturates are used for a long period of time.

Dependence of barbiturates develops when a person has an uncontrollable craving for the drug and when they try to stop using the drug they will experience insomnia, anxiety and restlessness. In the end the primary focus in the life of people dependent of barbiturates is to get the drug and use it.

The greatest danger of barbiturates dependence is the development of a tolerance that leads to doses that are fatal.

In order to withdraw form barbiturates use people need specialized assistance and other medications might be necessary to ease the symptoms of barbiturates withdrawal. Withdrawal is dangerous and potentially life-threatening. Symptoms of withdrawal include insomnia, anxiety, trembling, seizures, restlessness, nausea, and vomiting.

In case of people who stop using them the symptoms of barbiturates withdrawal might last up to 15 days. Without professional help recovery from dependence might be difficult. Due to the psychological aspects of dependence cognitive behavioral therapy might be necessary after detoxification.

Cognitive behavioral therapy will help the patients to control their behavior and avoid relapses. Motivational enhancement therapy might also be used in the treatment of barbiturates dependence.

Substance Abuse: Barbiturates Made Simple